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With age, the face loses its toned appearance and starts sagging. The muscle and skin tissues of the face lose their firmness and strength, ushering in a period when a person starts looking old and tired.

Until now, it was thought that getting back the true youthfulness and shape of the face as a whole was a complicated process, even though problems such as wrinkles and lines could be dealt with. NovaThreads promises to reverse all these fears with its tremendous power to restore the firm, youthful shape of the face.

The Concept Behind NovaThreads

Think of a building under construction. The entire structure is supported and given shape by a network of scaffoldings and frames. As long as this network stands strong, so does the structure. NovaThreads works on a similar principle.

NovaThreads is a very minimally invasive procedure where a series of supportive threads are inserted into your skin, parallel to the tissues. The idea is to create a kind of scaffolding throughout your facial structure, which will give the face and neck improved support and shape.

The threads themselves encourage the production of collagen protein, which helps to bring back the firm, youthful appearance of your face and neck. The collagen-production rate reduces with age, so the extra boost that their production gets from the NovaThreads procedure does wonders for your face and neck.

The threads themselves are made of Polydioxanone, which has traditionally been used in facial-restoration procedures. Never before has a procedure been so effective as NovaThreads in helping people reap the maximum benefits of Polydioxanone.

The Benefits of NovaThreads

  • Minimally Invasive: Unlike most other procedures that rejuvenate the face and neck, NovaThreads is a simple option and does not involve cutting or scarring. It only involves the pricks from the thin needles with which the threads are inserted – which are virtually painless!
  • No Recovery Time: Because it is such a minor procedure, you will not need to waste much time on recovering. You can leave the clinic almost immediately after the procedure!
  • Long-Lasting Effects: This is one of the top benefits of NovaThreads. The effects of the procedure can be seen for an incredibly long time, allowing you to enjoy your beautiful, youthful appearance for longer.
  • Can Be Combined with Other Procedures: If you want to amplify the effects of NovaThreads, you have the option to combine the procedure with others such as fillers and Botox injections without any kind of side-effects or negative reactions.

Contact Us for an Appointment

If you have always wanted to regain that lost beauty but did not have time or the courage to undergo a major procedure, this is your chance! Contact Skin Perfections Medical Spa to arrange a NovaThreads consultation.

During this consultation, you’ll have the opportunity to ask a skilled medical professional any questions you may have regarding the process. We’ll discuss whether or not you’re a good candidate for treatment based on your medical history and your aesthetic needs and goals. You’ll also be able to look at before-and-after photos of past NovaThreads patients.